Formats we can transfer:

Tape Formats:  S/VHS/VHS-C, 8mm/Hi 8/Digital 8mm, Betamax, DV, HDV, PAL/SECAM VHS/8

Professional:  ¾”, BetacamSP, DVC Pro, S-VHS, HDV

Other Media:  Mini-DVD/DVD, SD cards, 8mm/S-8mm/16mm Films, Slides/Photos/Negatives

Audio Formats:  Cassettes, LP’s, 45’s, 8-Tracks, Reel to Reel, CD’s, DAT, D-Cassette, MiniDisc.


•    Tape to DVD (VHS, 8mm, Beta, DV)
        One Tape to One DVD:
         One hour or less: $12
         Over One hour onto same DVD :$15
  2 or more tapes to One DVD: (up to 2:40 Real Time/Each tape has a menu button) 
            $15 for the first tape,
             $5 each additional tape
•    Transfer NTSC to PAL: Add $3/tape
•    Tape repair service available
•    Tape to Digital File:  $10 per footage hour plus $2 per tape

•    8mm/Super 8/16mm Film to DVD or File
        $0.12/foot for less than 1,000 feet
        $0.11/foot for 1,100 – 1,400 feet
        $0.10/foot for 2,000+ feet

•    CD/DVD to CD/DVD Copies: $6/copy

•    DAT, Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel, Micro Cassette & Vinyl Records also transferred to CD

$10/LP or Cassette on one disc, $10 per disc or tape, depending on which there are more of.

•    Photo/Slide Scanning: $0.50 per image (includes  basic image enhancement)
•    Photo Restoration (Scratches, sun fading, water damage, tears, age damage): $30/hour
•    Photo Alteration: $30/hour (facial touch ups, background alteration, and much more)
•    Photos/Slides to movie montage (music added at no extra charge)

•    Video to Web conversion

•    Events & Children’s Productions
        (Plays, Musicals, Talent Shows, etc)
        $10 - $30/copy
        No charge to tape the event

•    Other Services (Call for Pricing)
      Location Video Taping
      Video/Audio Editing
      Custom CD/DVD Authoring
      Printing & Packaging