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Preserving Your Memories


Preserving Your Memories


Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing

•    Tape to DVD (VHS, 8mm, Beta, DV)
        One Tape to One DVD:
         One hour or less: $12
         Over One hour onto same DVD :$15
    2 tapes to 1 DVD: 
    Over 1 hr-$20 Under 1 hr-$15        
    2 or more tapes to One DVD: (up to 2:40 Real Time/Each tape has a menu button) 
            $15 for the first tape,
             $5 each additional tape
•    Transfer NTSC to PAL: Add $3/tape
•    Tape repair service available
•    Tape to Hard Drive

•    8mm/Super 8/16mm Film to DVD
        $0.12/foot for less than 1,000 feet
        $0.11/foot for 1,100 – 1,400 feet
        $0.10/foot for 2,000+ feet

•    CD/DVD to CD/DVD Copies: $6/copy

•    DAT, Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel, Micro Cassette & Vinyl Records also transferred to CD

•    Photo/Slide Scanning: $0.50 per image (includes  basic image enhancement)
•    Photo Restoration (Scratches, sun fading, water damage, tears, age damage): $30/hour
•    Photo Alteration: $30/hour (facial touch ups, background alteration, and much more)
•    Photos/Slides to movie montage (music added at no extra charge)

•    Video to Web conversion

•    Events & Children’s Productions
        (Plays, Musicals, Talent Shows, etc)
        $10 - $30/copy
        No charge to tape the event

•    Other Services (Call for Pricing)
      Location Video Taping
      Video/Audio Editing
      Custom CD/DVD Authoring
      Printing & Packaging

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"Thanks so much for making my video conversion easy and painless. You did everything I wanted and more!!! The family is getting many hours of wonderful memories and fun from watching. Thanks again, you guys were terrific."   -- ML, Madison, WI
"Super great job on the camera work and editing! Everyone will be pleased. You had some really nice stills on the dvd cover that were some shots that our pro photographer did not get, especially some of the younger kids. Please put our spring show on your calendar. It's just an informal showing in a larger studio, but your affordable cost makes it possible for us to do it!"  --Anonymous, WI

"They get the work done - no fuss and no mess. Boo-yah! We all win. They seem to be running coupons as of late. I haven't used one but these guys (girl & guy) are the real deal and respectful of your memories."  JW, WI


The Owners

The Owners


Rob was obtaining a PR degree from UW-Whitewater in Wisconsin when he wandered into the cable station and took up reporting and video production.  Since this was 1985, the powers that be handed him the keys and confined his endless need for editing time to overnights.  Upon graduation, he worked for straight commission at a small VHS production facility, and in 1992 opened his own  studio with a professional photographer in Madison, WI.  Being a young hot-shot camera operator, he got involved with live event videography, and developed a system of live mixing to boost prosumer quality and earned the business and trust of local dance studios and The Midwest Horse Fair for over 20 years.  He also produced local television and cable programming from the early 90's to the late 2,000's, including "Hot Tonight" with Dr. Chris Kammer and John Urban of WISC-TV's "Urban Theater".  But his heart was in Teen Issue programming, and he teamed with Keith Burkes, a Madison youth leader, and the Multicultural Teen Council, to create a reality style situation drama called "Teen Talk", which became an educational series used in high schools across the country to help kids understand the complex results of destructive behaviors.  Rob has worked with and needed to optimize a vast array of consumer and professional formats over the years, and puts that expertise to use on each and every order.





Darla graduated in 1992 from Northwestern College in St Paul, Minnesota with a Business degree where she also worked as a stagehand/gaffer and trained in sound reinforcement.  In 1998, she opened a computer repair and software training company while shortly thereafter co-owned an audio recording studio where her multiple hats included producer, editor and mix engineer. In 2010 she became a full partner with Rob and formed Any & All Media by rounding out the technical audio and photo restoration side of analog media archiving.  She uses her computer background to engage anyone who wants to play in complex encoding conversations chock full of great nerdy jargon.