Recognize these boxes?  Remember gathering to watch home movies?  I never get tired of the old stamps and cartoon boxes, and the old cars and businesses that are the background of old home movies.  The only real weird part is when different families took vacations to the same place  They almost always took footage at those places from the same spots.  All the kids stand under the brontosaurus and wave back at the camera.  We love bringing people’s memories back into focus with a state of the art telecine projection panel and the industry’s best low-light camera chips that can pick up an image that is nearly impossible to see with your own eyes.  Our flat rate includes splices and fixes and we give you a digital backup along with DVDs of the footage.  And those cartoons?  We transfer those for free with your order of home movies.  We can even add them to VHS or DVD if you want to make a family history video.